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After meeting with Andrea I was invited to the political animal reading group: The Political Animal group was founded by Olga Koroleva in February 2016 and incorporates a monthly reading session and discussion, international exchange and exhibition opportunities for artists, writers, curators, and scientists supporting cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural examination of inter-species relationships. Two satellite groups are based in Dublin and Edinburgh led by Jessica Conway and Tom Jeffreys respectively.
I really enjoyed the discussion and the group, there was also a dog which is a win. I was particularly interested in the book Feral which we were discussion. The part about Rhinos and Elephants originally occupying Europe till humans gradually caused their extinction was fascinating. As I have been also reading about rhinos and elephants being brought in to the country as exotic animals in the 18th and 19th century, my perspective shifted. It was a persuasive pete essay of writing, we only read a section, now I need to find the time to read the rest.



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